The company Woodtag, located in France, would like to know whether our tag for marking wood packaging material would be acceptable to National Plant Protection Organisations around the world. It is modern, easy to install, permanent, legible, not prone to fraud as it cannot be removed without damage, and it follows the model in ISPM15.

The "plaqpal" Woodtag is not a label;

Indeed, a label is prone to fraud, because it is generally attached with visible, accessible and usually removable elements (nails, screw…)

The Woodtag is a mono-block piece including a fixation foot invisible and inaccessible from the outside face, which also allows absolute safety in marking and control; the tag can not be detached except by destruction, that is to say by a deliberate attempt to remove it (fraud).

Moreover, the Woodtag is made of shock-resistant thermo-plastic material, such as PC (polycarbonate); the tag can also be affixed within a cavity, which can limit the risk of physical damage such as exposure to forklift trucks…

With RFID option possible within the hollow fixing foot of the tag, also inaccessible, this offers reinforced traceability and safety .

Coupe plaquette dans le bois , exemple avec RFID en intégration :

Some colours :

Log tag WOODTAG ref 2010 PLAQPAL, with insertion of RFID ship :

- Absolute protection -

The RFID ship is included inside the empty part of the foot, and is integrated into a tight carbon capsule.

- Comparative :

Example of not-in conformity marking in an old technique.

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